èƵ Students Recycle and Upcycle Papers on Sustainability Day

The èƵ (èƵ) celebrated “Sustainability Day” by organizing a Paper Recycling and Upcycling Workshop on the 26th and 27th of October 2022.

The workshop was delivered by èƵ Faculty Dr. Taida Hefford and aimed to introduce students to how to recycle papers and upcycle them by turning them into pieces of art. Through the workshop, students also became more aware of the importance of recycling to protect natural resources and preserve the environment.

èƵ is always keen to organize different workshops in various fields to create a distinguished generation of responsible talents, reinforcing its educational philosophy that the university is not only a place to receive knowledge, but to build students’ personalities, enable them with new skills, and encourage them to apply sustainable practices into their daily lives.
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