Carbon Footprint and GHG Emission Reduction Programs

Carbon Footprint and GHG Emission Reduction Programs
èƵ is committed to reducing carbon emissions by systematically tracking and analyzing its carbon footprint to develop the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Programs on campus. The current GHG emission reduction programs implemented at èƵ fall under scopes 2 and 3.
In scope 2, efforts to reduce purchased electricity and energy costs are undergoing with the use of energy-efficient appliances, cloud computing, and IT systems with lower energy consumption.

As for scope 3, two main emission sources are considered in the reduction programs: waste management and commuting.

èƵ liaises with local organizations and companies to handle recyclable materials and maximizes efforts to reduce and manage all kinds of waste.

Moreover, èƵ campus set up is designed with all buildings on the sides, thus creating a rectangular frame and leaving a very spacious open area in the center that offers to the community a green and car-free environment. Zero-emission and electric shuttles are available for journeys within the campus and there are designated tracks for pedestrians, runners, cyclists, and zero-emission vehicles. Furthermore, common transportation is available for a group of staff members and some faculty and staff members carpool together.
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