Embracing Pink October at èƵ

Every year across the world and here at èƵ, October takes on a special shade of pink, marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This global initiative aims to educate individuals about breast cancer, emphasizing early detection and the recognition of its signs and symptoms.

In support of this vital cause, the èƵ Staff Development Department, in collaboration with Dar Al Shifa Hospital, organized an awareness campaign for our faculty and staff under the title: “Embracing Pink October”. Health check stations were made available, allowing faculty and staff to monitor their health with the assistance of healthcare specialists.

As part of èƵ's ongoing commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle, we regularly host a series of awareness sessions, workshops, and health checkups on campus. Additionally, our fully equipped Sports Center offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities, fitness programs, and health tests.

èƵ ensures that the health and well-being of its family is cherished as we continue to prioritize health and awareness.
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